Understanding Control Panels as Vital Tools for Linux and Windows VPS Server Plans

Server operations run utilizing various components like memory modules, processors and the actual disk setup. However, both Linux and Windows VPS server operations can be controlled using a control panel. It’s best to know more about this essential tool, especially for beginners, to maximize their functionality.

What is a Server Control Panel?

Windows VPS serverServer control panel is similar with the control panels used in regular desktop computers. The difference is that this control panel runs in a server environment due to its operating system. Its function is to act as a gateway or portal to access numerous tools and server programs for configuration or management. Servers need to have a good control panel to ensure users will access their needed programs for specific operations faster. Due to its importance, it’s essential for clients to check for the control panel while shopping for the right VPS server.

Common Tasks Done Using a Control Panel

Various tasks require control panel access. One of these is managing your own server and client’s server accounts. These have the tools that will help with the billing process, upgrade requests and other essential information that clients require for their own servers. They need to access this side of the portal to ensure they can provide appropriate services to their clients.

Another function is accessing the email platform. The control panel gives access to specific email client that people find comfortable using. By logging on in these platforms, users can read and answer emails received directly to their servers. A Windows VPS server may support different email client types and will be suitable for every user who got the service.

Accessing specific web folders is also another task done with through the control panel. Server users need to upload files to certain folders with the goal of updating their websites or providing files for visitors to download. Control panel’s user interface is similar to what computer explorers have, which means accessing folders should not be as difficult for anyone as long as they have used a computer before.

Other tasks like updating, file deletion and tweaks can’t be done without the control panel. It’s the portal for every task that should be done and it all relies on how easy it is for users to navigate the control panel.

User Interface is Crucial

Just like any program, a control panel should have an easy to use interface. Different developers come up with specific control panels, which means they come with different designs and interfaces. Before choosing a control panel, check the interface first through screenshots and have an idea how it will show up in your Windows VPS server.

Script Installation

Control panels are also crucial in script and program installation. These server programs are the main reasons why websites and other network operations work flawlessly. A control panel should be able to support different types of script to ensure easy installation process. Some control panels have features that support auto-installers, a script that allows users to install all needed script in one click, which helps users save time. Be sure to check if the program you’re using can be installed or supported by your control panel.

Choosing the Right Control Panel

Choosing a Windows VPS server control panel is easy as you will instantly see your options upon checking the offered plans. Your options range from several control panels designed by different developers, but you can be assured that a reliable VPS company offers only the best control panel in the market.

Control Panels in VPS

A VPS plan may not include control panels initially. However, several hosting companies offer control panels with the package at no cost. Verify if the VPS provider you’re considering has this tool available for free or not. If not, you can select from their offered control panel add-ons for a price. Remember that control panels are crucial which highlights the significance of getting them as investments.

Overall, control panels for Linux and Windows VPS server are important and something that you should consider before settling for a price. Check the plan details for control panel information then get the best option according to your needs.

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Advantages of Using Digital Signage Software

In a person’s everyday life, sending out and receiving information is a normal thing. This is applied to almost anyone, to anything, and to anywhere at any time. Whether the information sent and received is for advertisement, for news, for public serving or just to keep in touch with someone, digital signage software will be the great tool for you and will always come in handy.

For a lot of companies and businesses, the digital signage software, also known as digital signs, can do a lot of things: this can be used for introducing a new product or service in the market, promote products and services or announce any discounts, sales, giveaways or new store locations and openings. Hotels and accommodations use this to their advantage by welcoming new visitors or to show the visitors the different products and services they have and can enjoy. Churches and other places for worship use digital signs in order to post different announcements or events that will take place in the future. A digital signage software is also used to create a list of church programs that the public and worshippers can take part in.

Digital SignageIt is not a very easy task to make use digital signage software. Sometimes, it requires skills in order to make a digital sign in a short period of time, especially if it needs to be uploaded fast. Most businesses and companies require a cost efficient form of advertisement and hiring any professional services in order to create digital signage might be costly. For the business world before, these things are out of the question. However, since the business world and the IT world already joined forces now, a lot of software companies have devised their own ways on how to create a variety of fast but cost effective software for digital signage.

Even though there are a lot of software options for digital signage, most of them are made exclusively for Mac in order to assure a more stable working environment. Most operating systems require constant and up-to-date operating systems, which can reduce or worse, freeze the productivity of a business. Once the productivity of a business freezes, then, a lot of time will be lost as well. Any lost time means lost revenues for the business as well. However, since the operating system of Mac itself is strong and does not require constant updates, the productivity of the business will not be significantly affected.

However, not all programs for digital signage also have zoning features. Any information (whether it is text, image or can also be a web content) can be placed easily in the zones of the signage so that every part will have its own place. Different social media programs can also take part of a digital signage. Most programs for digital signage have a zone for Twitter or Instagram too. Anyone who will be featuring a tweet about a certain product or service will also be featured in the digital signage in real time.

In the event that the digital signage which has been posted needs to be updated, it will never be a problem too. Updating a digital signage is easy as a pie, unlike the traditional billboards and sign boards which requires starting from scratch. The real time updates of these digital signs shows that these are flexible as well as user friendly and will help save time and money too.

Using digital signage software is no longer an option; it is a necessity for companies, businesses or individuals who want to advertise their products, services or announcements. Through the use of these programs for digital signage, making announcements is going to be easy, quick and hassle free.

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The Evolution of Lapel Pins

No one knows for sure where lapel pins originated, but it was said that it became an alternative for the boutonniere, a flower, usually a bud, typically worn by men on the lapel of their jackets during formal occasions. However, the design process of lapel pins, which is called “inlaying,” has been in existence since the 13th century. Artists inEgypt and China at this time had started embedding enamel materials of vibrant colors on a metal base, making the first lapel pin-like accessory. During the Ming Dynasty rule in China, wearing these enamel pin-like buttons were popularized.

During the American Civil War, these badges or coins, as they are also popularly called, were distributed among members of the same unit as a visual clue of the organization one belongs. However, it served more than organizing the troupes. It also unexpectedly promoted the sense of belongingness and loyalty, strengthening the bond between members.

When World War I came, lapel pins were sill distributed to soldiers as a sign of membership to a certain unit or troupe. However, its use evolved when military officials started awarding badges of special designs, mostly signifying patriotism such as the bald eagle and the country’s flag, to soldiers who have shown exemplary performance while in the service. Because of this, from a representation of the troupeone belongs and a sign of camaraderie, these badges became a symbol of honor and pride of what one have done to the country.

pinsFamilies who have family members who joined the military and were awarded with special badges made these items into heirlooms, which is just right as these items already have great national and personal value.

Political organizations also started adapting the practice of wearing badges. The Soviet Union is the political organization that has made the biggest production of badges so far.

In the United States, during the 1970s, the US flag lapel pin became popular after the Republican candidates wore it during a congressional race. In 2001, wearing it became a symbol of sympathy for the country after the 9/11 attack and of commemoration of the lives that were lost.

Kit Hinrichs, one of the country’s most known graphic designers, said he has over 5,000 pieces of various designs of the US flag pins; mostly are brooches, cufflinks, tuxedo buttons, and badges. He said that most of the items in his collection are just recent, specifically after the Second World War.

In the current times, pins are mostly used for these purposes:

1.Collectibles. Hobbyists and pin enthusiasts simply collect these items for personal collection or to showcase them in a gallery, coin or badge fairs, or museums.

2.Trading. Collectors often meet at a certain event or venue to trade their items. Examples of these events are the Disney Pin Trading and Pasadena Tournament of Roses.

3.Brand identity for both commercial and non-profit organizations. Organizations have been distributing badges and brooches to their employees, customers, and clients to help promote and establish the brand.

4.Awareness and causes. Non-profit organizations have also started customizing their pin according to their campaigns.

5.Awards and recognition in organizations and communities. To recognize outstanding employees, boost their morale, and motivate them to keep up the good work, instead of the usual paper certificate or plaque, badges have been used. This is also widely practiced in communities.

Based on its known history, the pin, or badge, has come a long way in terms of its design, manufacturing, and purpose. It may be distributed or awarded for various reasons;however, for sure, its popularity will continue to rise in the coming years because of the value it gives to both the individual and organization who had given and received it.

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Revamp Old Content Instead of Pulling The Plug With Help From A SEO Firm

There are currently millions of blogs, websites, and informational pages that are left dormant. You may have one, and it is just on a server collecting virtual dust. If you want to revamp things, you can do that with the help of a SEO firm. There are several benefits that come through with this, so if you think that your site can’t use a good deal of regeneration, you’d be wrong. The reason many people give up on their pages is because it takes a lot of work to keep them running. For instance, a good blog today takes a lot of work to build and even some professionals will attest the fact that things are definitely difficult to manage overall. It’s not something that any “one” person can get done, which is why it’s important to at least consider working with a professional service in an effort to revitalize an old brand, site and more. If you have a site that you know can use some improvement, or can still be viable, then take a look at how a SEO firm can change it for the better. You may be surprised with some of the benefits that will manifest as a result of revamping things for the better.

Auditing The Existing Content

SEOFirst things first, before anything gets started on your page, you will find that professionals need to take inventory of everything that is about your site. Just going to a URL is not enough. This is something that requires a bit more thinking in regards to movement forward. Everything will get reported, and written down so that a new campaign can be created. Things like traffic, keyword density, ranking, domain authority, landing pages, bounce rate, and so much more will be evaluated for the future. If these things are not evaluated, you will not be able to gain any sort of leverage moving forward. Hiring a firm and not getting an audit done is dangerous, because they may start working on the wrong pieces or may get traffic to your home page, but that’s about it.

Implementing Content Changes

After an audit, the firm may find that you have a lot of landing pages that aren’t clearly defined. Landing pages are nothing more than entry points for people that have found your site through natural means. When someone searches for anything online, they are given a list of results. When your site appears in the results and someone clicks through, you will end up having a landing page. The big mistake people make in regards to marketing is assuming that their site is going to be hit with the home page first. That’s not true at all. It’s the interior pages that get indexed and traversed more often than anything else. If you have a blog or site with 500 pages or posts, you will find that a great number of them are going to act as “landing pages” for people searching for information. That’s a good thing.

Change must come to the landing sites, because they will serve as ambassadors to the rest of your page and will clearly define what you want them do with the information. If you have a site that has affiliate links, for instance, you will want people to click through and purchase items. You can either overtly tell them that, or you could implement several elements that will imply that and get your traffic moving forward in terms of conversions. This is something that good SEO companies know how to work within.

Building Backlinks Over Time

Content marketing is not just about publishing revamped posts on your site. You will need to move forward with posting a lot of items across the web, including posts on article directories, blogs, and so much more. Building these backlinks over time will create a good amount of traffic that is not going to let up, and it’s going to give you authority where you may not have it beforehand. Domain authority is crucial to making moves within the framework of SEO, as you will find it can give you the edge against competitors that may be working on optimization as well.

Building backlinks can also be done through guest blogging, which is a tried and true solution for increasing traffic over time. You will find that this is important, and can help you make a name for your site and give you a revamp that is worthwhile. If you get all of this work done, start to gust blog, gain backlinks and nothing happens, you’ll definitely be disappointed.

Hiring A SEO Firm that Helps With Revitalization

Take your time hiring anyone, and make sure that you look at the elements that you want to focus on for the purpose of your SEO reach. If you get the right company behind you, you’ll find that any old site that you have online will become a contender in any niche. Focus on the right elements and you could even gain leverage in terms of monetization strategies that will pay you have a site up and running. This is something that could be advantageous on many levels, but only if you revamp your page from being dormant.

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Improving Your Game with Golf Driving Drills

No one ever become a golfing pro overnight. While there have been some golf prodigies, they still had to practice for hours on end, swing after swing to hone their skills. But it does not matter whether you are a prodigy at birth, a solid and consistent swing comes with a lot of practice and repetition, the kind of practice that happens at hitting balls at the driving range, playing rounds at the course, and performing drills.

d-2The good thing about drills is that they do not eat a lot of your own time; you do not even have to be at a golf course or driving range. Some drills can even be performed in the comfort of your own backyard.

To hit the perfect swing with your golf drivers, you will need to work on more than just your swing. Contributing factors such as your stance, grip, and follow through are just as important but constantly neglected during practice.

Here are some good drills that can help you:

1. Ladder drill

The ladder drill can help fix your aim. For the drill, simply drop a ball in front of you and address it as if lining up for the swing with your mid-iron so that your feet are neither open nor closed to the target. Drop the club so that the shaft runs from foot to foot. Look at where the club is pointing and make the necessary adjustments. Imagine the club drawing a line to your target, if the line ends to the left of the target, it will go left and vice-versa. Correct your aim by adjusting your aim slightly to the left or right of the error line.

2. Follow-through drill

The key to the perfect swing lies in the release where your wrists turn at the point of impact with the ball. If the wrists remain locked, the club will hit the ball at an angle sending it flying in another direction.

For the drill, simply pick up a club and take your usual swing. Stop once your arms make an L-shape in the back swing and see where your wrists are. Follow through and release, your wrists turning through the ball and finishing with a reverse “L”. Repeat at increasing speeds. Adjust your grip and arm angle as needed.

3. Putting Drills

Putting is a crucial part in golf but is just as neglected by some players. While the ability to read the course is vital in becoming a good putter, understanding pace is more critical to the putting game. For the drill, place 3 balls at 5 feet intervals from the hole. Try hitting each ball into the hole at the same speed but putting a lot of emphasis on the length of your swing – meaning your backstroke is the only one that changes. Make it more difficult by doing it with your eyes closed.

While drills don’t put you in the same scenarios as an actual game, it does help in reducing your handicap and improving your score. Getting the hang of swinging your golf drivers at the driving range is just as good a skill to bring on the greens. Invest your time practicing drills and watch your efforts pay off at the scorecards.

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Why Drop Safes are the Best?

Are you an owner of a restaurant, a grocery store or similar business establishment? Are you a member of an organization who handles money? Or are you homeowner who has trouble keeping documents and important items in a safe place? If you’re one of the people mentioned above, stop worrying, drop safes are the answer to your problems.

Drop safes or safety boxes, are a special type of storage box utilized by business organizations, work places, homeowners and associations that handle cash and keep important documents. It permits you to store and keep the items securely. It offers security against burglars, theft and unauthorized people from accessing the items inside the box. It can only be opened by the owner, a manager or trusted personnel. It is intended to store valuable assets until it is securely deposited to the bank. There are different types of drop safes. It comes in different sizes and different locks. It can have a traditional lock or an electronic device such as a keyless lock.

To choose the best kind of safety box, you have to learn the specifics, such as the size, type of lock and how to use it.

The small drop boxes featuredrop safes a drop slot to deposit contents to the box. It can hold a minimal amount of money or documents. It is lightweight and can be easily transferred from one room to another. You can have it bolted in place for maximum security.

The front-loading drop box is a type of safety box that has a drop slot in front where you can insert or deposit cash, checks, or important documents. To retrieve the contents, its door has to be unlocked. It can also be permanently secured into place.

The top-loading drop boxes are another type of safety box. Like a front-loading drop box, this also has a deposit slot.  The slot in this type of drop box, however, is located at the top and can contain larger packages and items. It can also be permanently fixed into position.

A rear-loading drop box is another type of safety box, but this one has two types of doors, one for depositing and the other for retrieving. This is usually installed between two rooms—one room for depositing and the other for retrieving. The door can only be unlocked by the owner or by an authorized person.

There are also safes with interior locks.  Only those who have the key to the interior lock can open the door and retrieve the items. It is secured with either a single-key lock or a double-key lock.

The double door depository is another type of drop box similar to a rear-load. It may have a deposit slot located either at the front or at the top. Like the rear-loading drop box, this has two doors located at the deposit area and retrieving area. Even though anyone can make deposits, it limits people from accessing or retrieving items from the safe. Only those who have the key to unlock the retrieving door can open and get the contents of the safe.

Drop safes offer benefits to its owner. It protects the stored valuables from theft and prevents the owner from misplacing an important item. It is also water and fire proof, therefore providing protection from natural calamities and unforeseen accidents such as fires, floods, typhoons and other similar situations.

If you are tired of having to constantly check up on where you stored the money and other important items, you should consider purchasing drop safes. Now that you know the different types of safes, it will be easier to choose the most suitable one for your home or office.

Need drop safes that you can count on? You won’t find a secure safe for this price anywhere.

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The Uses of a Misting Fan

Misting fans are known to be the most sought-after cooling equipment during the summer season. However, it was not really invented for human use. These fans are originally used for livestock. Restaurants and other industries adopted the invention. The first misting fans were large. Later on, the bulky fans were modified into varying sizes, including small size. The small misting fans were used at homes while the big ones remain for industrial use as well as for big events. The variation of sizes and the latest innovations made a Misting Fan more useful than other cooling systems. Below are the different uses of misting fans:

Temperature Control

misting fanThis is the most basic use of misting fans. The different cooling equipment can carry out this function as well. Among these equipment, central cooling systems are the best in reducing heat and in increasing the temperature. On the other hand, ceiling electric fans is one of the least efficient in temperature control. A Misting Fan’s temperature control is way better than the usual electric fans though it is still far from the ability of air conditioners and central cooling systems.

Misting fans can increase the temperature of up to 25 degrees. Central cooling systems have a wider range of temperatures to control than misting fans. Ceiling electric fans, as well as other common electric fans, can only distribute the air in a room but it can’t modify the temperature directly. When the warm air is fanned together with cool air, the temperature gets even. As a result, it creates a cooler temperature in the room.

Regardless of the mid-level temperature control ability of misting fans, these still have advantages that the other cooling equipment don’t have. One of these advantages is that you can use these to control temperature of different places. Unlike air conditioners and electric fans, you can use a Misting Fan both inside the buildings as well as outdoors. Depending on the size, these fans can be used for cooling your patio, backyard and poolside.

Ventilation/Air Circulation

When you use electric fans in a room, you have to install exhaust fans for proper ventilation. Otherwise, the warm temperature will just circulate inside the room. On the other hand, misting fans can help in providing proper air circulation in a room. This was made possible by the mist produced by the said cooling equipment. The mist, when distributed, evaporates. This vapor will be cooler than the previous air temperature in the room.

Odor Regulation

One common problem of livestock industrial buildings is the intolerable odor. With the assistance of misting fans, the warm temperature and the repulsive smell are both fanned away. This provides a better habitat for livestock.

Kitchens of restaurants can be smelly as well. An air conditioner is a good option but the usage could be costly. In contrast, a Misting Fan can be used to prevent the smell from staying in the kitchen. This was due to the air distribution and ventilation functions of the misting fans.

Markets, food processing plants, and other industrial plant can take advantage of misting fans to regulate odor too. This can be advantageous in communities in regulating the smell from garbage, sewage, and other stinking things inside and outside the homes.

Dust Reduction

Standard electric fans can spread warm air, odor, and even dust. Dust can be fanned away. However, dust that simply entered the home can remain indoors or even get too the fan itself. Whether dust is from outdoors or indoors, misting fans can prevent them from forming and spreading.

Insect Repellent

During summer, when the air is too warm and the usage of cooling equipment is at its peak, the presence of insects is also great. A Misting Fan is also a solution to this problem. However, it can only repel insects nearby.

Author Bio:Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fan, Mister, Misting Systems and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.
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Live Chat Services for Better Workplace Management

Companies, especially those with over 100 employees, can benefit from live chat service. By privileging groups to function as one while handling a variety and sometimes a load of work, programs that allow each individual to collaborate with another are the reason morale around the workplace is boosted. Considering the members need to be united and gear toward a common objective, better workplace management shouldn’t be taken for granted. With online chat, enhanced productivity is a reward whose benefits are not only meant for clients but also for teams.

Faster and Better Messaging Systems

live chat serviceOnline chat services can help unload the heavy work that needs to be accomplished. With the burden of documents that employees may have to go through, most likely, it’s best to have an outlet where help may be provided. By presenting parties the chance to ask for immediate assistance should it be in order, the piles of paperwork may be finished way earlier than expected.

At times, when it’s best to only proceed when queries have been answered, they are given a heads up if any of their colleagues are available at the moment. If they are notified that their mates aren’t on standby, they may consider alternatives. That way, they will know when to put a halt to their duties and get back when help can already be passed. Instead of indefinitely waiting for responses, the ones in charge can often just continue with another their task.

Improved Relationships

Due to the mutual respect that they may foster, live chat service can significantly improve the relationships of employees. Especially when passionate members load up workplaces, it may be hard to stay away from argumentative behavior. With live chat programs, however, everyone can be enlightened and withdraw wrong impressions regarding their mates. In turn, a harmonious environment is achieved.

Should there be differences of opinions between two groups in a workplace; each one may successfully relay particular concerns directly to the other. Rather than have to resort to making assumptions, these employees may stay collected and properly clarify the issues that they are dealing with. It’s unnecessary for them to be bluntly aggressive whenever heated instances arise. Due to live chat programs and the opportunity to talk and straighten controversial matters that these provide, misunderstandings can be avoidable.

Increased Sales and Rewards

With the speedy and less erroneous reports that the availability of live chat service grants employees, sales and rewards in their workplaces are increased. For the accessibility that is provided, teams can be more cooperative and submit much better outputs. With the additional benefits, they end up more motivated and determined to aim for even higher objectives.

Compared to letting each handle their set of responsibilities individually, chat programs enable employees to effectively work hand in hand with another. They may combine ideas, be more creative, pitch in rare solutions, and importantly, monitor their progress on products more keenly. Operations can be processed faster than necessary and make way for adequate time to have these modified for exceptional quality. Consequently, results turn out a notch above the average due to the pat in the back the workers receive.

More Efficient Communication

With the features of live chat service, more efficient communication awaits workplaces. Overall management is improved with the freedom that it authorizes involved parties. Due to the convenience they reward, employees can easily interact with their colleagues not simply to resolve feuding members. They advocate that engagement for other affairs isn’t improper. Though there’s work that needs to be fulfilled, providing a venue for a time-out may be a good approach too.

The fact that online chat programs entitle employees to be less serious for even just a short period can be beneficial. As diligent as these people can be, they could use a break from time to time to set aside the strenuous duties they have to deal with. This leads to them being more focused and more organized with their jobs.

Apex Chat is a Live Chat company that provides live chat service and software.

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Using Keywords for SEO and Learning Web Sustainability

Keyword optimization is a renowned strategy for assisting people who find your articles or contents by search engines, like Google, and when searching a website. However, did you know that by following the SEO guidelines, you may also be making your web page greener? This is simply because web hosts and devices that people use to browse the internet both utilize the electricity – a great deal of electricity. Most electricity is generated through sources that are not clean or environmental friendly.

Keywords for SEOThe more findable a web page is, the lesser irrelevant content an individual has to go through to come across what he is looking for. Fewer web pages appeared means fewer server requests will be made, and that fewer images and videos will be loaded. In some instances, the customers could also end up spending a little time on their tablets, phones, PCs, or laptops. All of these result in a little energy savings.

Now that you understand the relevance between sustainability and findability, let’s have a detailed look at how to boost the findability of contents by page level keyword for SEO, a well-known search engine marketing technique.

Where to Place Targeted Keywords

To optimize a webpage for a targeted keyword, you have to place it in many different places on a web page. Apart from your homepage or landing pages in which you may have to optimize for many keywords relevant to your products and services, generally, you should also optimize a website for a single keyword or phrase.

Once you have chosen a focus or targeted keyword for your web page, here is where you have to place it:

In the Title Tag of Each Web Page

The initial place that you may want to put your targeted keyword(s) is in the title tag of every page.

Instances of an optimized title for a homepage:

Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Electronics, and More | eBay
Shop clothes for men, women, maternity, kids and baby | Amazon

Instances of an optimized title for a sub-page:

Clothes | eBay
Women’s clothes: skirts, dresses, jeans, leggings | Gap

Characteristics of an optimized title tags:

Optimized titles should be less than 70 characters.
Avoid using duplicate tags: Each page must have a unique title so that other pages will not compete with each other for relevance.
Include the company name at the end of your title tag to help promote brand awareness.
Use keyword and language that is most compelling to the reader.
Utilize consistent punctuation across all web page titles in between the keyword and the company name, e.g. (|).

In the Description Tag of Each Page

Add a keyword in the description box. This is a brief introduction about your content that shows up in search result pages. Write a concise yet compelling description that would make a viewer want to click on the link. Your description should be less than 150 characters.

Within the Main Body of Your Content

Include your targeted keyword at least 2 to 3 times in your content, including one KW in the main paragraph. Generally, search engines are likely to read keywords that appear in the first few sentences. They will not get around to reading words that show at the bottom of a page. Make sure that you correctly distribute other keywords in the content’s body.

Note: These are the basic tips you should know about how to use keywords properly and utilize web sustainability. If you employ all these, you may go over the advanced use of keywords for SEO.

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