Unreal Ops Exclusive: Vertex Animated Meshes Tutorial  Aug 02, 2004 – 04:00 PM by Angel_Mapper
Have you ever wanted to make your own animated meshes like the CTF Flag or the box straps in AS-Convoy? With my Vertex Animation Tutorial, now you can make animated decorations for your own map!

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Unreal Ops Exclusive: Tribes: Vengenance Preview Teaser  Aug 02, 2004 – 12:10 PM by Tycho
Well I just wanted to let everyone that the game has moved into a second beta testing phase. The Dev Team released another build this past week and made it available for download. While we test out this build I thought I would give everyone a teaser pic of one of the new vehicles in the game.


Unfortunately this screenie doesn’t do the sky justice. The contrast is more life-like but for some reason when I do a screen cap it doesn’t show. I’ll try and work on improving that for the preview.

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Unreal Ops News: Corsair Memory Contest  Aug 02, 2004 – 12:06 PM by Tycho
As promised earlier today I have more information on the new contest. Several of you submitted good ideas for the contest. I went through all of them and I picked my favorite one. We are going to have a Q&A session on the History of Unreal. Whoever answers them correctly is going to be put in a drawing for one of three prizes.

    • 1st Place: 1 Gig Corsair XMS Memory
    • 2nd Place: Corsair Memory T-shirt
    3rd Place: Corsair Memory Mouse Pad and Poster

The contest will begin on Wednesday when I release the questions to be answered. I am just waiting on a Unreal celebrity to submit some questions as well.

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Hot News: Mark Rein’s Past History  Aug 02, 2004 – 12:06 AM by Tycho
Before I head off to bed I have to share a chuckle that I had with you. Beyond Unreal is hosting the final Doom 3 Trailer which is not the norm for them. I personally think it is cool they are branching a little. It will be interesting to see if they get a nasty email from Mark Rein tomorrow about posting something Non-Unreal related. Mark doesn’t take too kindly to that. However someone did give QAPete crap on his own forums and I have some ammunition for Petey. See not a lot of folks know that Mark used to work for iD. After some digging through the old UO archives I found this cool pic.


That ought to shut up the trolls that are giving Petey a hard time. 😉 Yes that pic is real and not PS’d. See everyone in the morning!

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Unreal Community: Cool UT2004 CTF Custom Map Server  Aug 01, 2004 – 11:34 PM by Tycho
I stumbled across this cool little corner of the Unreal Universe this past weekend. In the tradition of old skool custom map servers such as UT1’s Skipper’s Cove, there is a new custom server to try out. The name of the server is Darkside and it is admin by a fanboy named ScudButt. The ip is ut2004:// and I expect to see you on there soon! I will have more news for everyone including the contest announcement later on today.

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Hardware News: Tweaking Your Memory Timing  Aug 01, 2004 – 11:25 PM by Tycho
Here is a little precursor to a contest announcement we are going to make later on today. I know you have heard a lot about low latency memory as of late (our own memory review is coming next Monday) and you may have wondered ‘Is memory latency a big deal?’. Well to explain things a little better the chaps at Cool Tech Zone have put together a nice article that explains things.

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UT2004 Mod News: Team Orbit’s New Vehicle  Aug 01, 2004 – 11:20 PM by Tycho
It has been a little while since we heard from Thunder Bear and the rest of Team Orbit. That was until earlier this weekend. They drop us a line to let everyone know they have a cool new vehicle to announce. It is called the Ajax and it is a futuristic hovering battletank.


The link above takes you to a page that shows several different angles. Hopefully we can see it in actual combat soon!

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Random Thoughts: The Future Is Comin’ On  Aug 01, 2004 – 11:09 PM by Tycho
Good morning wall . This particular post comes to you in a rather unusual fashion . I am in fact not typing but talking . I am testing out a speech recognition program from Microsoft . This particular version comes with Microsoft Plus . It not only works with notepad , worded , and other programs but Media Player as well . It is fascinating to see how far the software has come to in just a couple of years .

Instead of me writing about a movie I saw this past weekend , I am going to have you tell me what you saw . I am looking forward to seen the village later this week . Besides what you saw this weekend what would you say was the best movie so far this summer .

Enough rambling , on with the news .

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UT2004 Mod News: Maxed Out Enough?  Jul 30, 2004 – 03:47 PM by Raven
Well Obviously the Maxed Out team isnt maxed out of ideas or screenies yet. And thats a good thing for us gamers. We always enjoy new content dont we!

We have 4 new weapon renders for you (new MP5k, MP5, M4 and the M4 Beowulf). Yup Mitlancher has been busy these days! The Maxed Out team is looking for more experienced staff members:

  • UV artist
  • Weapon skinner
  • Player skinner

Would you like to help them out? Mail Dagroove, drop by on the public forum or visit their IRC channel (#maxedout on Gamesurge)

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Unreal Engine News: Republic Commando Preview and More  Jul 30, 2004 – 11:52 AM by Tycho
It looks as though Lucas Arts’ PR machine is in full swing this week. Games Domain has a nice preview of the upcoming Unreal Engine game.

There are also new gameplay movies up on the official Republic Commando site. Thanks to Beyond Unreal for the linkage on the movies info.

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Unreal Engine News: Tribes Vengance In Depth  Jul 30, 2004 – 09:45 AM by Raven
Along with PCGameworlds T:V preview the other day I just caught this bit-o-info over on HomelanFed. Actually the story is on Yahoo Games and is small, but it has 32 screenies, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I think their all new.

Others weapons are all-new. For example, the grappling hook can be used to swing from buildings or vehicles, which gave us delicious Quake Capture-The-Flag flashbacks. There are even a couple of projectile weapons where the path of your shots can be affected by moving the aiming reticule after firing. Sounds odd — and it is! — but you’ll soon get used to it.

Man If someone could master the art of jumping down right above the flag, grappleing onto the vehicle and swinging into the flag then jumping back onto the vehicle… They would be unstoppable in CTF when someone else is driving… I’m definately going to try to master that art! I just hope it doesnt turn out like my fingerpaints from the 3rd grade… My mom still says their a work of art, and I still say their crap…

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Random Thoughts: Why Me?  Jul 30, 2004 – 09:33 AM by Raven
Well I woke up today a bit hungover and ready to post news (atleast the little bit i had), and my brother needs me to help him dump some garbage… So I get up and 2 hours later were hauling air conditioners and furnace’s and water heaters over to the local landfill… I’m exhausted already and its not even 10:00am yet. I made 50 bucks tho, so I’m not feeling too bad.

In-case the person I called by last night is reading this (not that they would know me…) I am really sorry for waking you up, I was drunk and I was just pushing random buttons into the phone. I hope you and your (gay) partner got back to sleep without too many problems…

I’m going to post a bit now but I gotta go to work very soon, so I’ll get the rest when I come home. So, Enjoy the 32 shots of T:V in the next post untill then!

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