What Happens When Your Credit Is Destroyed?

Bankruptcy sometimes appears being a last-ditch work by people that are utterly frustrated using their financial predicament. As familiar as itis become, bankruptcy does have a result on your credit history. You may not have to withstand the strain. You’ll be free of income problems permanently, and you feel satisfaction and the pleasure of building […]

Pariah: James Schmalz Interview

We recently got a chance to fire off some questions to James Schmalz of Digital Extremes about their upcoming Unreal Engine powered game called Pariah. Pariah is set on a futuristic Earth with an anti-hero character that is a doctor of all things. The game is the first big venture outside of the Unreal Universe for DE Team. As with all things here at […]

Synthetic Benchmarking: Good or Obsolete?

A-KO recently told me about a discussion on the Guru of 3D forums regarding the ATI/NVidia Driver cheating debate.  I wanted to chime in from an avid Unreal gamer’s POV.  The discussion of who does what with their drivers for 3DMark Scores’ sake is no longer valid in my opinion.  The days of Futuremark, or any other ‘sythentic’ gaming benchmark, are gone.  While the benchmark is fun to use and watch, it is no longer relevant in ‘real […]

Map Review: DM-Stalwart ][

Welcome to my first Unreal Ops Map Review. I will be using SwitchyB’s criteria for reviewing maps. I would like to note that my review is based on a player’s perspective. I have mapped with the unrealed, but my skillz are not up to par with most of the Unreal mapping community.  Before you start please review […]

UeD Tutorials By Rachel Cordone

Advanced xEmitters and xEmitter Properties In this tutorial I am going to cover the properties of emitters and show you how to make various effects with them. Feel free to skip the first section if you are only trying to make one effect in particular. There are 4 groups in the xEmitter’s properties that we […]