Weapons Preview

In keeping with an Unreal Ops tradition we are happy to bring you a new Weapons Preview.  This time we take a look at the weapons that are from the upcoming Single Player first person shooter Unreal 2: The Awakening.  To do some background for this article I had to break out and dust off the old Unreal CD.  After playing for a little while I realized just how great the game was and how much the weapons that were used we pretty crazy and fun.  They were definitely a little of a head of it’s time.

Let’s look at the list of weapons that were in Unreal 1:

Dispersion PistolAuto MagStingerASMDEight BallFlak CannonGES BioRifleRazor JackRifle and the Minigun.

Interesting enough a lot more weapons from the first one, in a different incarnation for a few, made it back into the sequel.

The weapons list for Unreal 2 is as follows:

The T-13 Dispersion PistolM32 ‘C.A.R’ Combat Assault RifleMagnum Pistol, M406 Grenade Launcher, M700 ShotgunRocket LauncherDrakk Laser GunShock LanceSniper RifleSpyder GunTakkraGun TurretRocket TurretField GeneratorsFlame Thrower and of course Grenades.

Having 16 different items in your arsenal is a good thing considering that your enemies armor ranges from light skinned Izarians all the way up to heavily armored Skaarj and Marines.  The funny thing is that with all these weapons you would think some of them may not be very useful or as powerful.  The opposite is true in U2 all of the weapons in the game have different types of value on the many different types of missions.  Some of the older weapons that are brought up from U1 are distinctably more noticeable in power than the predecessors.  Along those lines you will be quick to notice that the new weapons were specifically designed with Legend’s new Particle Effects System in mind.  That makes some of these weapons not only great to look at now but will definitely influence weapons that are created in future games.

What about super weapons?  At this time there are no ‘Super Weapons’ in the game.  Now before you complain about that let me just say that you can use the weapons in conjunction with each other like never before.  Some of the weapons single handedly change the thought process of gaming.   For example the Alt Fires on the Takkra and Flamethrower.  What do they look like?  Well unfortunately I don’t have screenshots of all of the weapons at this time but I did manage to dig up more than I thought.  Let’s take a look.

T-13 Dispersion Pistol
The Lepew Corp Dispersion Pistol comes a long way from its debut in U1.  The primary fire is a small energy pulse that doesn’t pack a whole lot of punch but does not run out of ammo either. The secondary fire however is a different story.  You may remember that in U1 you picked up add-ons to the DP as you went along in the game.  This slowly built up the intensity of the weapon until it was pretty powerful.  This is similar to what the secondary fire does now but you ‘hold’ the fire until you build up a very powerful energy pulse.  The weapon doesn’t fire very fast but if you run out of ammo for the CAR it does come in handy.

M32 Combat Assault Rifle
The M32 Combat Assault Rifle or C.A.R for short.  Is also nicknamed ‘Duster’ (Depleted Uranium Standard Tactical Assault Rifle) is not only its acronym, but also for the uranium dust it ejects from its chamber during its cleaning cycle when the gun is reloaded.  The primary fire mode of this weapon is a small shell that is comprised of a Uranium Shard that penetrates light enemy armor very well.  The ammunition is technically “depleted uranium” – think of it as the standard alternative to lead bullets for this time period.  Given its high density it packs a big punch. It’s also known to kick up lethal uranium dust on impact. The secondary fire is a shell of 5 shards that forms into a small Flak shell the has explosive results.  The rate of fire on this weapon is very fast and can take enemy health in a hurry.  One thing to note about this weapon is that you can tell the detail that was put into this game because this weapon has a very and unique sound to it.

Magnum Pistol
The Magnum Pistol is a larger version of its smaller Auto Mag brother that was in U1.  The primary fire on this weapon is a larger shell that, like the CAR, is comprised of a Uranium Shard.  The secondary fire of the pistol is a quick 3 shot response from the gun.  While not as accurate as the primary it different comes in handy when a Medium Skaarj comes up close to gut you with his knife blades.  I did not get a chance to really use this weapon so I don’t know of how much power it punches with compared to other weapons.

Unreal 2 Weapons Preview

M406 Grenade Launcher
The M406 Grenade Launcher is of the more complex weapons that you will find in the game.  The GL is not only bulky and not pretty but it is different one of the most powerful weapons in the game. This weapon only shows you that Legend put a lot of detail into every facet of this game.  This weapon does what no other GL did before it.  It offers the possibility of using 6 different grenades during the course of the game. 

The primary fire launches the grenade and if you hold down the primary in increments you can launch the grenade pretty far depending on how long you hold the fire down.  The secondary fire is used to cycle the GL through all of the grenade types you have at the time.  The different types of grenades are as follows.

Fragmentary:  Large shell that is filled with Carbo Steel that explodes in a very deadly and random way.  This is one you obviously don’t want to use close range.

Incendiary:  Fires small balls of fuel and flame that explodes in firework like fashion.  This weapon is great because whether it scores a direct hit or not there is a chance that you will set your enemy on fire.  One of the first examples of how great the new Particle Effects System works.

E.M.P:  EMP grenades use a small magnetic pulse blast that renders anything electric unusable for a short amount of time.

Concussion:  When this grenade goes off your enemies will feel it.  The blast from the grenade’s explosion launches a shock wave that will hit the enemy and do some pretty good damage.  *See Smoke Grenade*

Toxic:  A grenade that explodes into a toxic and corrosive cloud that eats through any type of armor.  Good for all areas but works best in close quarters.

Smoke:  A grenade that explodes into a thick cloud of smoke that is slow to dissipate and difficult to see through.  The great thing about this grenade is that it shows off the new Particle Effects System pretty well.  You can see this when you fire a smoke grenade and then use a Concussion grenade.  The Concussion’s shock blast will rip through the smoke and disperse it exactly the same as it would in real life.

M700 Shotgun
The M700 Shotgun packs a pretty mean double punch.  The primary fire on this weapon is a blast of small Uranium pellets that do a substantial amount of damage.  The secondary fire of this weapon has duel usage. Not only does it fire Uranium shrapnel but once the shrapnel makes contact with something it starts on fire.  So enemies take double damage from the weapon.  The only drawback is that the rate of fire on this weapon is much slower than that of the Combat Assault Rifle.


The Flamethrower has come a long way from the original concept shown at E3 in 2001.  Another weapon that shows off the Golem effects several different ways.  The primary fire on this weapon is a large Napalm fueled fire stream.  As you know Napalm also has ‘sticky’ abilities.  Which means that it will stick to an object and burn until all the fuel is gone.  This not only looks very cool it has deadly effects.  The secondary fire is pretty revolutionary as far as first person shooters go.  The alt fire lets you spray the Napalm without setting it afire.  This works well if you want to lay a trap.  For example you could spray it on the ground by a key choke point and then draw your enemy into the area and use your CAR to ignite the flame.  It is times like that you wish you could hear what they were thinking.  This feature is also great for adding considerable damage to the Boss Monsters.  You can spray it on them and then switch to a powerful weapon for double damage.  Kudos to the team at Legend for coming up with this one.

Izarian Shock Lance
The Shock Lance comes to you courtesy of the Izarian race.  The weapon consists of a long lance that has three blades at the end.  The primary fire of this weapon is two small energy balls that have the ability to bounces off objects until till they hit their target.  While the balls themselves don’t do a lot of damage the rapid fire and ability to go around corners makes up for it.  The secondary fire is a small EMP blast that can do a small amount of damage to any electronic equipment.  This feature comes in handy when you need to take out Gun Turrets or Field Generators.